Democracy & elections

Democracy & worker participation: employees are simultaneously co-decision-makers

At our company, democracy and worker participation are important core values. At our company, being an employee means being a co-decision-maker, too. There are different "electoral districts" depending on the decision-making dimension. Decisions about topics which affect the entire company are also taken and supported by the entire staff.

If a decision affects only one department, this vote is decided among the corresponding employees. Decision drivers prepare the decisions and bring them to vote. If someone in the company has the feeling that something is going in a wrong direction or the taken decisions should be reconsidered or changed, this person can put in a veto. The right of veto is absolutely independent of the employee's position or the decision-making level.

Filling positions through elections

At our company, positions are filled and managerial staff are elected democratically. There are different election processes depending on the position: For example, the CEO is elected by the entire company. The immediate team managers are elected by the team members. The Scrum master and manager of the R&D department are elected by a 2/3 majority of the respective team. Product owners and leaders are elected taking into account the respective department stakeholders and employees.

Depending on the teams' agility, new teams are frequently formed, thus requiring new elections. Our democratic process ensures that we react to change in timely manner. In addition, the right persons can perform the arising activities and tasks according to their talents.

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