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How about a massage?
The best part - our company pays up to 50% of the costs.

Table soccer
You can play table soccer in our bistro at any time.

Fruit for everyone
Fresh fruit is provided free of charge every morning.

Flexible? We sure are!
Even when it comes to our work time models.

Every morning a bakery delivers fresh treats to our bistro.

At our company, brainstorming is possible on any wall or board, or even on window panes.

A quiet place to relax?
There sure is! We have a chill-out room equipped with loungers and a massage chair.

Work part-time?
Of course an individual part-time work program is possible.

Water, coffee, and tea are available free of charge.

A lunch break workout?
No problem - you can refresh yourself at our company.

Home office?
Everyone can decide on their home office times on their own.

Time clocks and timekeeping?
Are foreign to us. A reasonable workload & your job performance are much more important to us.

Feedback & Appreciation

Our daily app is an application for cell phones, where every employee can give and receive feedback and appreciation. In addition it is a platform for sharing successes and ensuring dialog within the company, which enables us to create transference between the departments, locations, and employees.

Culture of trust

Every employee can decide on their home office times on their own. However, they must be selected responsibly and coordinated with the concerned teams as well as all the stakeholders of one's own position. It is taken for granted that important meetings and obligatory events are not missed. The same applies to working hours. Time clocks and time keeping are foreign to us. A reasonable workload and job performance are much more important to us.

Opinions & statements

We provide the coolest transformation consulting services in digital transformation. A really exciting job!
Stephan Grabmeier, Chief Innovation Evangelist

Love IT and good opportunities @ Haufe-umantis.
Emilija Thürlemann, Quality Assurance Team Lead

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