Strategy as a joint deliberation by everyone

Corporate strategies were long concealed from employees. We would not be who we are if we approved of that. Our annual, two-day strategy meeting is a regular feature. Once a year the entire company takes a break from day-to-day business, and all the employees jointly define the annual strategy. We feel this is worth the effort so we can all define a direction and a clear focus together. Strategic changes are jointly discussed, decided on, and as a result also jointly supported.

At our company, there are no big, all-knowing strategists who decide on the right course. Every employee defines the company's course through their cooperation. The main focus of the meeting is on the big picture. Every employee has a say in the company's future as well the various corporate divisions

Impressions from the
strategy meetings

Opinions & statements

Living a unique work culture and taking on unknown challenges are extremely exciting topics that fascinate me.
Barbara J├Ąggi, Customer Success Manager

At our company, you can go wild and come up with crazy ideas, playful methods or new approaches. Unconventional thinking is not only allowed but also desired here.
Manuel Grassler, Service Designer

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