We implement a #team recruitment strategy at our company. What is behind all this?

It's very simple - it is very important to us that a candidate fits in well with our employees personally and culturally, so that means our employees are involved in the selection process. The team has the final say when it comes to hiring a future coworker.

When you apply to us and make it to the final round of the selection process, you will meet your team in the last step. Not only the team benefits from this. During the team interview, you will have the opportunity to ask the team questions, so you can get a good idea of our everyday work and see who you will be working together with in the future.

Why do we do this? It has to do with our conviction that teams can only be successful if the constellation of coworkers in the team is right.

Your benefits from #team recruitment:
+ You get to meet your future coworkers.
+ You can get a clear idea of your future activities.
+ You also know what will be expected of you in the future.
+ With all this information, you can consider whether you can imagine working together with these people in the future.

What to expect during the application process at our company...

Must haves

#Hands-on mentality
#Ability to work in a team

Culture fit

In addition to having the required professional skills, it is important to us that you fit in with our company values, principles, and culture which shape our teams.

Skype or phone interview

After a typical CV review, we invite suitable applicants to an initial Skype or phone interview.

On-site team interview

Depending on the position, you can expect a one-day work trial with the team as well as a pitch or a task, as appropriate.

One-day work trial in action

Sometimes it makes sense for everyone involved to spend a trial day together.

The right talents in the right place!

It is important to us that you are already a bit familiar with our corporate culture and that we notice that you have consciously chosen this culture exactly. Not everyone can be successful in our structures. Show us why you specifically are especially suitable for working in self-organized teams and agile structures.

It is also important to us to learn what your idea of a future position at our company looks like. We want to fill every position with a person who performs an activity not only exceptionally well but also happily! Enthusiasm for professional activity is a job requirement at our company.

Show us your talents, for we believe that every person has talents and can meet our requirements. In some cases, we create a new position immediately after the first interview with excellent candidates. Give us a clear picture of yourself and your talents! We also deal with unsolicited applications in the same manner. Oftentimes even several teams are involved in the process, so that every candidate has the opportunity to get an idea of the teams and tasks.

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