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Each day from anew we experience that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

We live this conviction by setting great value on team spirit. We develop our corporate strategy as a team, because common visions and goals unite us. That is how we ensure that we all work together. We share our personal and professional achievements on the daily highlights app. That way everyone can see the contribution each of us makes - and let's be honest: sharing success with others is the best thing about achievements :-).

At our company, not only coworkers but also friends meet up at the office. People who work on the right things and make visions come alive have every reason to celebrate one or another achievement after work.

Some typical events at our company include the "International Beer Night", the pizza night, and the Haufe-umantis Champions League. A victory in table soccer does not create competition, but brings everyone together. You can experience the Haufe-umantis spirit also at our summer event, at our Christmas party, and at spontaneous company parties.

What is the Haufe-umantis spirit?
Come and visit us! Come in for a trial day or have a coffee and see for yourself … internationality, creativity, entrepreneurship, hard work, the smell of success … it's indescribable!

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