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At our company, a career is a very individual matter and therefore tied to an individual's commitment. At our company, there are no defined and thus rigid career models. We work in a performance-oriented environment. Especially personal commitment opens up many different development possibilities. At our company, career planning is as diverse as the answer to the question: "What is a career? What are you good at?“

At our company, a career is primarily an individual development, oriented to one's own strengths. A career at Haufe-umantis is not a definition found in management literature but a very personal development.

Personal career path

At our company, every employee should be enabled to plan and influence their own career path. A career begins with recruitment. From the start it should be ensured that every new employee is hired for the position where they can contribute their share successfully.

In our opinion this is the case only if the job is performed with passion. We also offer the opportunity for you to participate in cross-functional projects, take part in job rotation programs, develop yourself in new fields and test yourself in a new environment.

Opinions & statements

Passionate, agile, fun loving, grow and let grow ... then you are at the right company.
Sobiya Momin, Quality Assurance Specialist

Here I can do what I love most every day: impress people!
Christian Bless (Customer Success Manager)

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